Save and Post Your Favorite Concert Set Lists To Your WordPress Site

If you’re a lover of live music, you probably go to as many shows as your schedule and wallet will permit. But if you’re a true fanatic about your concert-going, you just might be interested in tracking your musical experiences online, and in detail. What was that second encore Radiohead played in Kansas City? How did Phish open that third set on New Year’s Eve? If you are this kind of showgoer, trying to keep tabs on your experiences by scribbling set lists on cocktail napkins can be both inconvenient and easy to accidentally throw away.

Introducing SetList, a WordPress plugin that enables you to add any gig’s set list to your WordPress site’s posts, pages and sidebars. While other fans may only attend a show and then let the finer details slip out of memory over the years, SetList enables you to savor each track from your live music experiences by logging every live set on your WordPress site.

Here are some of the WordPress SetList plugin’s features:

  • Retrieve a set list by using the artist name and date of gig (in format DD-MM-YYYY) and optional venue name.
  • Widget for sidebars.
  • Shortcode for pages and posts.
  • Caching option to store set list data using the WordPress Transient API and reduce calls to the API.
  • Setting for cache expiry.
  • Default CSS stylesheet for styling the set list.
  • Option to add your own CSS to style the set list.
  • API checker, as the API has had some downtime recently.
  • Plugin support section.

Setlist includes an options panel that shows you how to customize your shortcodes and allows you to configure the output of the plugin with custom styling:

SetList uses the API, so simply install the plugin and start taking advantage of the free wiki-like service for collecting and sharing setlists. You can browse and add hundreds of musical performances from around the world to keep your WordPress readers and visitors up to date with your true hipness. Give it a try and make sure to leave us a note in the comments below with your own review.

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