If you have a Bootstrap HTML5 theme ready that you’d like to sell with us, please submit it via this form. You will need to agree to the submission guidelines on this page.

  • First and Last name
  • Which versions of Bootstrap is your theme compatible with?
  • You must have a Paypal account in order to receive payments.
  • (Individual, Partnership, Corporation)
  • The legal tax name associated with your SSN, EIN or TIN
  • Federal law requires us to collect tax information from United States citizens, residents, and organizations. You must provide accurate tax reporting information in order to avoid withholdings.

1. These and other policies are in place because Untame wants you to have a successful sales experience that benefits both you and your customers. Violation of these policies may result in your theme being rejected from the themestore, and could potentially lead to stiffer penalties such as a reduction in your potential earning rate or you being banned from Untame.

2. This is a Bootstrap Store. In the future, we may expand to sell other types of themes but for now, please use only the Bootstrap framework. 

3. Don’t copy other people’s work. That is super lame.

4. Do not include designs straight from the default Bootstrap example pages.

5. Spellcheck your theme and documentation for grammatical errors.

6. You must submit themes containing only fonts, images, artwork and any other media under proper license for resale or free of commercial licensing requirements. If attribution is required for your media, you must include the proper attribution. Untame holds itself free of any responsibility for improper use of media or license infringement. That means if anybody comes looking around with the law on their side, it’s going to come down on the person who submitted the theme. 

7. If your theme has custom styles and scripts, please include them separate from the original Bootstrap assets. If you minify or minimize your styles and scripts, please also include original versions as well.

8. Do not encrypt your work in any way. 

9. Each theme must be designed to properly fit the following displays without a horizontal scroll bar: 320×480, 480×320, 600×800, 800×600, 768×1024, and 1024×768

10. Do not reference any other marketplace within your theme or its documentation.

11. Themes must not include referral, promotional or advertising links.

12. No theme may include URL redirects or shorteners.

13. Any theme updates should be accompanied by a detailed log in Markdown, thoroughly describing the changes that were made.

14. References to files and directories in markup and styles must be case sensitive.

15. Each theme must come with a live preview with working pages, subpages, links and forms.

16. Theme previews may not include any kind of visitor or page view tracking.

17. Themes should be properly branded throughout the item’s title, description, documentation and within the theme itself. Theme names should not include descriptive adjectives.

18. Validate your HTML and Javascript and make sure your theme contains as few errors as possible. Submissions with significant code errors will be rejected.

19. The default page in HTML themes must be named index.html.

20. Themes should include the original and minified versions of Bootstrap. Please do not rename the styles or scripts therein.

21. Analytics and/or tracking codes may not be included in themes. Social network sharing functions, however, are fine to use. 

22. Above all, use clean coding practices. Be consistent with formatting and indentation throughout your markup, styles and scripts.