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An Introduction to Responsive Design with the Skeleton CSS Boilerplate

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What is Responsive Design?

The web is changing in ways that get pretty hard to track. Responsive design attempts to be able to do exactly that – respond. Daily, we serve our site to a wide array of screen sizes including high resolution desktop monitors, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. Each screen offers unique features and resolutions that do not always accommodate for giant websites. So as designers, developers and internet users, we owe it to ourselves to optimize the user experience on our sites.

Would you like to know about Responsive Web Design? Check out this book.

What is Skeleton?

The Skeleton CSS Boilerplate is a collection of CSS files that can help developers quickly create sites that respond to any size screen.

  • Skeleton is Responsive Down to Mobile
    • Desktop, Tablet and phone screens, Skeleton has you covered. Not only is skeleton easy to implement, but it also avoids annoyingly sending your users to an address.
  • Skeleton is Fast to Start Developing With
    • There is nothing to compile here; to get going with skeleton simply link a few stylesheets to your header and you are off and running.
  • Skeleton Fits any Style
    • Skeleton does not come with loads of UI styles. This gives designers the ability to paint on a blank canvas, while backed with the power of Skeleton.

Have you ever used the framework? Most front end developers have. If you have ever used 960 or a framework like it, then you are ready to get going with Skeleton from the start. With a nearly identical column and gutter arrangment, users will be right at home with Skeleton.

Here at Untame, we use Skeleton regularly to make sure that our newest sites fit multiple devices and provide a positive user experience for our clients.

How Do I Use it?

To get started with Skeleton, head over to and download the latest version of the framework.

As you can see, getting started with Skeleton is actually very easy. Give it a try with your next responsive project. If you would like some help or have a question about responsive design, don’t hesitate to send us a note.

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