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20 Incredibly Beautiful Free Google Fonts

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When you decide to start the process of creating the right design for your latest web projects, you want to make sure that it has a little something special to help it stand out from the crowd. If you find yourself at a loss for how to achieve a little extra “pop”, don’t fret; you are in luck! Today we are going to be showing you some beautiful fonts that can make your site sparkle.

Traditionally, web designers have been relegated to using only a few “web-safe” fonts in their designs, however a trend that is only growing has come about offering the ability for designers to access web-fonts. Webfonts allow designers to use fonts that are no installed on the viewers computer by accessing them via a remote server.

Google web fonts is an absolutely free service that provides a unique user interface wherein a designer can surf through an ever growing library of fonts and choose one that matches their design direction perfectly. At Untame, we love and use Google web fonts all of the time, and thus, we put together a collection of a few of our very favorites.

Antic Slab

Berkshire Swash

Eagle Lake




Kaushan Script

Londrina Sketch

Krona One

Lovers Quarrel

Russo One



Josefin Slab



Open Sans


PT Sans Narrow


Rock Salt



Seems pretty easy right? Give Google web fonts a try, I think you will find that by simply adjusting the type on your web pages web fonts can help your site stand out from the rest. Adding web fonts to your site is also easier than ever before, if you haven’t already, check out the helpful video above for more instructions.  Do you have a favorite free font that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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